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Barbara Ewing

A Dangerous Vine

(long-listed for the Orange Prize)


In the 1950s, when people who had never left New Zealand still called England ‘home’, New Zealand prided itself on being The Greatest Little Country in the World, where there were no racial problems and everybody lived happily together in God’s Own Country. Was it that way? A novel of love and pain and laughter and music. And loss.


“…a vivid sense of the era, with its swirly skirts, box brownies and the last tram home.”
“…rich, vivid and interesting and woven into a plot that has a ring of verisimilitude and plenty of fascinating detail.”
“Ewing’s absence from New Zealand over a long acting career has perhaps given her a clearer view of New Zealand society than we who live here can have.
In showing us how much we believe we have changed, she reveals to us how much we have yet to understand. WAIKATO TIMES






The Petticoat Men

The Circus of Ghosts

The Fraud

The Mesmerist


The Trespass

A Dangerous Vine

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